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Um havin hdmi cable issue?

This is a discussion on Um havin hdmi cable issue? within the Console Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. 1 month ago I bought an xbox elite..hooked it ip to my 42" plasma LG tv through an old hdmi

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1 month ago I bought an xbox elite..hooked it ip to my 42" plasma LG tv through an old hdmi cable i had before...every thing was workin great..
and then i travelled and came back ...turned it on..and i found static noise and static lines on the screen...just on 1080p ..when i go to 1080i it works fine...borrowed another hdmi cable (6ft) from my friend..and it worked like a charm..so i went to radioshack and bought me a new hdmi cable (4ft) ..tried it on 1080p...it wasn't that flickery like the old one..just one static line every 10 mins.
i got another hdmi cable (3ft) and it was like the old one....so i bought a new one(6ft) and it's now workin perfectly...

so..is it my tv..hd cables..or my xbox..and why does this happen only on 1080p
i read an article before that some tv's need long hdmi cable to handle the enormous stream from the console or the dvd player..whatsoever ...any help guys ?

it was workin perfectly for a month..
and if it's not supportin 1080p..i mean the xbox..why it's there in my option list...and why it's highlighted

i was running my games on 720p and 1080i..and i noticed no difference..but when playin movies..there's a huge difference !
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