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Iomega Home Network Drive seeems totally insecure

This is a discussion on Iomega Home Network Drive seeems totally insecure within the File and Application Sharing forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I'm having difficulty understanding file access security on my Iomega Home Media Network Drive and would appreciate some guidance. After

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I'm having difficulty understanding file access security on my Iomega Home Media Network Drive and would appreciate some guidance.

After 9 months of ownership I finally decided to switch on remote access capability on the drive, but since it contains some critical files (from various computers on my Home LAN) I also turned on security. I accessed the media drive via it's IP address to do this.

In my first test of security I was slightly concerned to find that any computer on the home LAN had unrestrained access to all files on the drive, even with folder security turned on.

I was horrified to find that, when asked, a trusted friend in another country was also able to get similar unrestrained access to all my files once I had given him the WAN IP of the drive.

I got seriously worried when I found that access was still totally wide open when I disabled remote access - and this device has been in this state since I first installed it.

I asked Iomega support to confirm that this is the way the device is supposed to work. Their answer is a master statement in obfuscation - but I think they said 'yes'.

Wow!. This means the only way to ensure security of this network drive is to make sure it is not on a network.

Further research has uncovered this status:

If remote access is disabled any/every remote user has total access to the drive.

If remote access is enabled any/every remote user has total access to the drive and folder security is applied, if it is enabled.

If folder security is not enabled, then access to all files by all Internet users is enabled.

If folder security is enabled, then access to folders is restricted only for those users whose username has been defined and marked as 'security enabled'.

This is unbelievable: it means that for me to control access to my files I have to set up a userid for anybody in the world who might access my device and then mark their userid as 'security enabled' - yes, for all 6 billion of them I suppose...

Surely this is an insane design and cannot be right?

Has anybody else got one of these drives and is satisfied with it's security? (If so, are you willing to reveal its WAN IP to me for a test?)
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