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External IP Address troubles

This is a discussion on External IP Address troubles within the Protocols and Routing forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Basically, I need to change my IP because between my 4 brothers using computers on the same network, they have

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Basically, I need to change my IP because between my 4 brothers using computers on the same network, they have gotten IP banned from a multitude of game sites that I too play occasionally.

My ISP provides a dynamic IP Address with a lease time.
I have a motorola SBG6580 (Its a modem&router all in one)

Using CMD w/ the command ipconfig/all it shows that my IP is leased for 4 hour intervals (and i presume it renews it 2 hours into it). My question is though, is that my internal IP address that has that lease time or my external?

I ask because when I use a browser & type my IP in to check my router settings, it shows a 1 Day lease time, and the format in which it shows information is unclear of which IP address it refers to.

My hope is to find out my lease time, and then strategically renew my IP @ a time where it will have enough time to expire, and then (hopefully) acquire a new Ip when i reconnect.

Lastly, i've heard that the above will work, but also have heard that some ISPs use the mac address of the modem to assign IPs and that you can't get it to change (Even though its dynamic) without calling the ISP.
And then i've also heard that changing the mac address of your router will change your IP (But this poses a potential problem as my router and modem are the same unit)
OK this time really is the last thing - Many guides suggest/require that you power cycle your modem and router in a specific order - how would I do this, again as they are the same unit.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me
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My System

It is the external ip address that is getting banned and is out of your control and in the domain of your ISP and the game hosts.

Some ISP's register the mac address of the first computer that connects to their service for the first time in their firewall and then only that computer will be able to connect to the service.

I assume you are looking for a way to overcome your ip address from being banned.

Unfortunately we cannot help you with that with any workarounds i am sorry but it is against our rules.

Sorry but this thread will now close.

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