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Dating Site Problems?

This is a discussion on Dating Site Problems? within the Other Browsers forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I already received some offensive and rude responses when I tried to ask for help on another forum. Hopefully, someone

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I already received some offensive and rude responses when I tried to ask for help on another forum. Hopefully, someone can elaborate on the issues. I'm trying to use online dating and have encountered problems with multiple websites. For now, I want to discuss one site that is supposed to be "legit", claims they don't judge, and advertises like it has ties to media/public relations.

First of all, if this is relevant, I want to mention my computer is under surveillance including the microphone, it is tapped. I took a photo that was titled a response to a statement I said verbally a loud. Yes, everyone I know is confused because especially after a year, nobody has a clue why surveillance would be wasted on someone like me. I hope this doesn't pertain to the online dating issue, just thought I should mention and furthermore want to comment the individual never disclosed what field they worked in (hopefully it's legit) and I have not noticed a reduction in harassment online include forced religious material. I do not know the purpose.

As far as the dating site, when I register, it appears flooded with mass amounts of spam that is harassing in nature some of which includes personal references. I am allowed to online date and am unsure if this is something that an attorney needs to get involved with. On a side note, some of the harassment included threatening content that is not acceptable at all. Others seemed to act as if it was authorized to both violate terms of service with obscene content including middle fingers and I have difficulty with the site cooperating, almost as if they put some people above the rules and allow them to harass and post really, terrible content (some even in reference to put it easily a dangerous doomsday cult we have to fight with discussed on the news).

I tried looking at other cities and similar content appeared. I have trouble believing that every single state got the offensive content.

Could this be a problem with the website, a virus, or is it likely one or more individuals that created spam profiles. The website would not release (as they failed to reply) the IP address of some of the profiles involved in case an attorney needs to get involved.

Any suggestions on how to be able to utilize online dating? Would it matter more if someone in tech support or an attorney contacted the website to discuss the matter? Does it have to do with my computer? Etc...

Thank you
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security is the key here. points of note: be sure the AV and windows is fully updated. use a recommended antivirus program. avast free, or a paid, kaspersky to run scans. there are more but ...these are examples.

use a cleaner, such as, ccleaner free (well recommended) and use it to empty browser cache, etc. disable the camera and remove any private details within your account that may be seen publically.

use another email provider. to help with the amount of spam use a free mail washer:
Mailwasher Free Spam Filter Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker | MailWasher - Mailwasher Free

these are a few changes to harden your securities and to protect against malware.
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