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Windows does not recognize my logon password

This is a discussion on Windows does not recognize my logon password within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi all, At work, I am using a IBM T43 laptop, with Windows XP professional SP 2, and recently I

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Hi all,

At work, I am using a IBM T43 laptop, with Windows XP professional SP 2, and recently I underwent a hard drive upgrade, and received my laptop back with a clean installation of Windows. The laptop was preinstalled with two user accounts, one being 'Administrator' the other being 'user'. I was assigned the 'user' user account, so I copied all my data and emails and whatnot on that account. I updated the McAfee antivirus and also downloaded and installed a lot of Windows updates. I changed the user name to my own name and created a password for it. I changed the log in from 'classic log in' to 'welcome screen'. At the end of the day, I shut down my computer and left the office.

The next day, I started up my computer, and chose my user account, and it asked for my password. I typed in the password that I created the day before, but it could not recognize it! I was 'accused' of having forgotten my password - which was not the case. I tried turning on caps lock (just in case I accidentally had it on when I typed the password previously), and I even tried to move my fingers one key to the left and one key to the right (in case I have quickly typed in without actually noting the keys). Nothing worked. The IT guy in my office then re-installed everything so I started again from scratch. Anti-virus and windows updates, and some user account changes. This time I created a password reset disk (just in case). And it was right for me to do so, because, again, when I shut down and restarted my computer (after installing some updates), windows did not recognize me again! After resetting the password, I could log in, and tried the following:
  1. I created a simple password such as 'robinhood' and logged off. I logged in again just fine.
  2. I changed my password into something more complicated such as All-For1 and logged off, and I could log in again.
  3. I shut down my computer and restarted it. I clicked on my user name and entered the complicated password. It did not work, it accused me of having forgotten my password.
  4. I reset the password, logged in, changed the password into a simple one 'robinhood' and shut down and restarted. I still could not log in. So my conclusion was, that Windows could not recognize me regardless of what password I use.
  5. I reset the password again and logged in. I created a new user account with a different name, logged off and logged in the new user account. I created a password for the new account, shut down, and restarted. I was then able to log in just fine! From this I concluded that the other particular user account is corrupt.

So, my question is, do you know what the problem is? And how do I solve it so I can keep my current user account without having to move all my files, settings and emails onto a new user account? The reason why I prefer to keep my current (corrupt one) and fix it, is because I have no idea how to transfer my emails (using Lotus Notes 6.5) without having to bother my office IT guy (because there is a very long queue in order to get him to help me). Other than that, I tend to hold on to what I have already set up nicely... it's such a bother having to set everything up again.

One thing I noticed... whenever I use the password reset disk, after a failed log in attempt (because windows does not recognize me), both skype and google talk claim that I have entered the wrong password and they could not log in. (I have set both application to log in automatically and remember my password). Yahoo messenger, on the other hand, does not have this problem (when I also set it to log in automatically and remember my password). I don't know whether this is related, but just in case... I also noted that it keeps resetting my cookies on rapidshare.com on which I have a premium user account and it always asks me to re-enter log on information (although it has previously already set the cookies for this computer).

For additional info, before the hard disk upgrade, I also used this same computer, and was assigned the same user name (i.e. 'user') and at that time I also renamed the user account into my own name and there was no problem. My office always installs all computers using a standard image created with Norton Ghost, and my friend's computer was installed a few weeks before mine using the same image and she did not have the same problem as me.

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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My System

PS: I tried both the classic log on and welcome screen logon, and neither one could recognize my password in steps 3 and 4 as above. Sorry, tried to edit my post but could not find the option.
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