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Toshiba laptop cuts off at random times during boot up

This is a discussion on Toshiba laptop cuts off at random times during boot up within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Bare with me as I try to explain what's going on with my laptop. The model is a Toshiba A205-S4607.

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Bare with me as I try to explain what's going on with my laptop. The model is a Toshiba A205-S4607. I got it back in 2007, it came with Vista but I ended up putting Windows 7 on it about 6 months ago. Anyway, about 2 days ago my laptop had died while I wasn't using it and I plugged it in and it would shut off during boot up at random times. Sometimes it would make it to the desktop for a bit and then shut off again. I tried taking the battery out and starting it up with just the power cord but that produced similar shut offs. I was thinking it was the power supply so I went and purchased a generic one. It worked for a bit but then the laptop shut off again. Today I plugged it in and it powered up normally and I backed up a lot of my files and proceeded to let it charge. It went to 13% charge over about 4 hours, then made it to 95% in about 2 hours after that (these are rough estimates). Now over the past hour or so it has fallen to 82% and is dropping slowly. To me it sounds like a bad battery, but does not explain why it wouldnt boot up on the first day with just the power supply. Should I purchase a new battery or could this be something electrically related inside the computer, like a short or something? Does this model laptop somehow require a partially or somewhat charged battery for startup?

Thanks so much for reading that and Im sorry it was kind of long but I wanted to give a clear story to what has happened so far with this laptop. I know batteries arent supposed to last that long, so Im thinking it could be just be that the battery is done for. I am still confused. Any advice?
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If plugged in it still turns off then you may have a bad power connector on the laptop. It happens.
If plugged in and it still runs off battery that is.

Batteries typically don't last much past 2 years. I have seen some go as many as 4 or 5 (very rare) and some go as little as 1 year.

Bottom line is that when plugged in it still slowly discharges make sure that it is indeed plugged in. Check and see if the battery indicator is indicating that it is charging. Try gently wiggling the power connector around, slowly.

See if your laptop will power on without the battery in it. It should. If it doesn't but does if you wiggle the power connector around then you have a power jack issue and can only be fixed by a tech that is capable of replacing the power jack or replacing the motherboard.
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