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Thinkpad T42 problems

This is a discussion on Thinkpad T42 problems within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. hi whiterabbittttt, so it was the GPU (video chip) after all... not a surprise because i have read somewhere that

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hi whiterabbittttt,

so it was the GPU (video chip) after all... not a surprise because i have read somewhere that that is a known issue on T4x Thinkpads (except T43).

it's good that you got it fixed.

thanks for sharing the information.
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i have this same problem and that's how i found these postings when i googled "thinkpad t42 problems". basically my t42 sometimes does 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. in the beep code guide, it says video/display problem. after turning it on and off 2-3 times then it comes on and behaves normally, until you push on the palm rest or put any pressure on any part of the laptop. then it freezes, and screen gets weird lines on parts of the screen and the images start to get fuzzy and shake. i think this is a known issue with t4x laptops. because i see many mobo's on ebay for sale that has this same symptoms. anyone knows where the video chip is? thinkpad A21, A22, A23 has a plug-in type video board that the cpu fan also hooks onto it. does t42 have a video card? or just a chip.
thanks for any help.
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I can confirm that flexing on the T40-42 can lead to a total system freeze requiring a hard shutdown. In my case, excessive heat from the DVD drive sent it over the edge. Upon reboot, you are often (but not always) greeted with the long beep, two short beeps sequence indicating a system/LCD failure. Heat and age can cause an intermittent contact to develop between the video card and system board. Small vibrations and/or sudden movements will then crash the system. I imagine most users will declare their laptop as dead and buy a new one. I can't argue with this, but one should realize there are other options, all costing only a fraction of the price of a new laptop. If you're in a pinch and/or want to spend zero money, remove the keyboard using the well marked screws on the back of the laptop. Position a shim of some sort (I used a stack of pennies glued together) to apply constant pressure on the video chip. Then put it back together and when using it, try to be very careful. I was often (but not always) able to run for hours at a time provided I took care to not bump the machine or let it do things that would get it hot. Always fearful of a crash, I was saving my work every couple of minutes. That got tiresome, so I pursued a permanent solution. Not sure what exists in the US, but here in Europe you can send your laptop to firms that will reflow the solder contacts at the video card. I opted to remove the system board myself and send just that in, saving about 50% of the cost. But most people will be more comfortable spending the extra money and sending the complete laptop in (I'd advise removing the hard disk, it's only one screw). This is a well-known problem and I found several companies advertising on ebay. Turnaround for me was about a week. My T42 is as good as new and I figure I paid myself a bunch of money for not just buying my way out of the problem with a new laptop.
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