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Sony VAIO startup issues

This is a discussion on Sony VAIO startup issues within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. first, the specs: Sony Vaio SR series (VGN-SR45T) Windows Vista Home Premium The laptop is fairly new, probably less than

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first, the specs:
Sony Vaio SR series (VGN-SR45T)
Windows Vista Home Premium
The laptop is fairly new, probably less than half a year old.

now for the problem, which i think may be common for laptops.
After shutdown, if i wait a few hours, say half a day, before attempting to turn on the laptop again, i get the green light circle around the power button indicating that the computer is indeed, on. However, the laptop itself doesnt seem to even attempt to boot, and I get a black screen until i hold the power button to shut the computer off. After shutting it off with this method, the computer boots fine after i turn it on again. Seems to be a minor problem for now, but either way i'd like to have it fixed.

I have some info on what the issue may be, and possible fixes.
this was taken from another tech support site:
"Just to be clear this is not a fix for screen problems, this is a fix for a problem that prevents the laptop from booting at all. The laptop would not even attempt a POST and so would not even get as far as trying to output anything to the display.

I'm no expert but just wanted to share a fix that worked for me. For me it was a problem with the laptop not coming out of hibernation properly and completely freezing, the only option was to power off. On reboot nothing would happen, the screen would not even be initialised so it is nothing to do with the screen.

I can only theorise what the problem may be. As the solution is to remove the power lead, remove the battery and hold down the power button it would seem to be an issue with the laptop retaining some residual charge which is preventing the laptop from booting. I've heard of other poeple who have managed to fix this by simply letting the battery run out and then leave it overnight, this will again dissipate any residual charge but is just a much slower way of doing it. Holding the power button down with no power sources attached will dissipate this charge and allow the laptop to boot when a power source is reattached.

Unfortunately if the laptop boots and the screen is blank then it is a different issue, if the image on the screen is faint it is most likely a problem with the backlight and in these instances this fix will not work. Before posting this I thought this was an isolated incident but there have been so many replies it would appear to be a more common issue than I thought and works on many different models, not just the DV6599 that I've tried it on. "
so is this a problem with residual charge or something?
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