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[SOLVED] New Toshiba X200-219 Laptop, Pre-installed Vista, Installing XP Pro, but won

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] New Toshiba X200-219 Laptop, Pre-installed Vista, Installing XP Pro, but won within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category.

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Old 03-17-2008, 05:12 PM   #1
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This is my first post on this forum...

I have just bought a new Toshiba X200-219 laptop, with 2 160 GB hard drives installed.

The spec for the machine is as on the Toshiba web site here:-


I wanted to use Windoxs XP Pro, as I have been using it for years, and like it. I did not want to delete the Vista yet, as I want to be able to use the laptop until I can get the dual-boot thing to work with Vista and XP.

Vista was pre-installed on one of the hard drive partitions, designated as drive "C". The other partition on this drive is designated "F" for data. The second hard drive was totally blank, and designated as drive "D". I have installed XP Pro onto drive "D".

The first problem that I came up with is that the Toshiba is built using SATA drives and not IDE's. It does not have a floppy drive, or options in the BIOS

to configure as IDE. This caused problems with the (OEM original) XP Pro installation disc not being able to continue with the installation, because it was

not able to find any hard drives (it was looking for IDE stuff...)

I found suitable SATA drivers on the Toshiba web site and downloaded then. I used "nLite" to slipstream them ont a custom XP Pro installation disc, made from

my own original XP Pro disc. This seemed to work, and the installation went ahead on drive "D". I installed XP and got to the "welcome" screen. I went into

"Control Panel-System-System Properties-Hardware-Device Manager" and found the yellow question marks against all of my hardware, as there were no drivers for

almost everything.

So, I have downloaded 400 MB of drivers for XP for this laptop from the Toshiba web site, and burned them to a CD ROM, with the intention of loading them

onto my laptop.

HOWEVER,... Now the laptop will not boot under the original VISTA installation. I have not changed any of the parameters in the BIOS. If I try and boot from

the HDD with the XP on it, it will get to a screen stating "Which operating system to boot from", as you would expect maybe, on a machine with multiple

operating systems, but ONLY XP is listed. There is no mention of Vista. If I select XP to boot from, and continue with the boot sequence, XP does boot, as

before, with all the yellow question makrs in the drivers hardware tab via the "Control PAnel", as mentioned above.

If I try and use the boot-up option to to select the boot source (F12 on my laptop), I can choose to boot from the other hard drive, but it does not find or

boot Vista. I get the following messages:-

For Realtek RTL8111/8168B Gigabit Ethernet controller v2.02 (060301)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

This message keeps scrolling and repeating every 6 or 7 seconds.

So, I was thinking that it was looking for an Ethernet cable that was not connected, so I plugged in an Ethernet cable that connects to my other two desktop

machines via an Ethernet hub. The laptop reacted to this, and stopped scrolling the "PXE" text lines, but instead scrolled this message:-

CLIENT MAC ADDRESS: 00 1B 38 4B 7D 85 GUID: CBD--etc a long string of chars...
DHCP.... follwed by a rotating "timing-wait" character, like a "-" follwed by a "\", then a "/", then a "" which looks like a rotating "propellor" type

symbol when these text charcteers are printed sequentially on the same spot on the screen. (... if that description makes any sense...!!)

Anyway it appears to be timing out and not doing anything.

So, I thought that the BIOS may be looking for an Ethernet connection that was not there and it was hanging the system, so I went into the BIOS and disabled

the boot-up option for a LAN boot source in the boot menu option in the BIOS. This still did not help, and it is still scrolling messages about Ethernet

controllers and MAC addresses etc.

So, I powered down and up again, and booted from the XP HDD to see what was being found by the system under XP. I went into XP in the usual manner, and opened

Windows Explorer. Under "My Computer", I found the following drives with the following properties:-

Vista (C:) type: Local Disc, NTFS, Capacity 74.5GB, Used space 12.9GB free space 61.6GB
Local disc (D:) type Local Disc, NTFS, Capacity 149GB, Used space 3.05GB, free space 145GB
WinRE (E:) type Local Disc, NTFS, Capacity 1.49GB, Used space 191MB, Free space 1.27GB
Data (F:), trpe Local Disc, NTFS, Capacity 73GB, Used space 2.14GB, Free space 70.9GB
DVD-RAM drive (G:) CD drive, File system Unknown, Capacity 0bytes, Used space 0 Bytes, Free space 0 Bytes

The CD-ROM drive had no disc in it. Drive "D" is one partition , conataining XP, and drives "C", "F", and "E" are partitions on the other HDD that were there

before I installed XP. I don't know what the "E" drive is for, but it is small and exists as a partition on the same physical drive that the Vista

installation in on. The "F" (data) drive was the other partition that took up the remaining half of the physical drive that Vista is installed on.

So, is there anyone that can tell me what I have done to "lose" my Vista installation, and what I need to do to "find" it again. I have looked on the "C"

drive using Windows Explorer (once XP has booted), and the folders and files for Vista still seem to be there OK, I just can't get Vista to boot, either by

changing the "boot order sequence" in the BIOS, or by pressing "F12" to display a "boot source choice" that allows me to boot from either of the HDD's or a

DVD drive.

I would definitely like to get both Vista and XP bootable on the one machine.

Any knowledgeable suggestions welcomed, preferably before I have torn out all of my remaining hair!!!...


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Hi Rob,

Welcome to TSF.

it seems you need to repair the bootloader. check this out just for reference. it may contain the steps you need to recover.

do post back any result, OK?
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Normally I would load XP on another partition of Drive C where Vista is located in order to get to the screen allowing which OS to boot to. You can do this thru XP's setup, just don't delete the partition where Vista is on and you'll be okay. When it formats that partition your Vista partition will remain intact.

I've done this on several computers already for folks who want their Corp version of XP Pro thats installed but want to keep Vista for future use.
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Hello again,

Thanks for the speedy replies Triggerfinger and Craig. This is what I have done since I read Triggerfingers reply, but before Craigs


When I had XP running, I installed a lot of the drivers from the Toshiba web site for this machine that were for XP. Some would not

install, some did not exist for XP on the Toshiba site. I had downloaded the latest graphics card driver for the nVidia 8600 GT for XP

directly from the nVidia web site, but when I tried to run it, it got to the nVidia splash screen, and then stated that it could not

install the driver because no driver files were present(?). This was confusing to me, as there was only one executable file that was

downloaded, and it was listed as being the one for this machine. The start of the installation dialogue stated that there was an Install

Screen Wizard running. At this stage, the Ethernet and network drivers had been installed, and I could browse the internet normally, so

whether this graphics driver update file "contained" the driver, or was a "downloading/configuring wizard" that needed an Internet

connection to runs its course, it should not have mattered, as the Internet connection was available and running normally. I can't see

why this driver installer file would not install. The Driver was direct from nVidia, for this chipset. Any ideas???

After this, I tried following the instructions to fix the bootloader...

The laptop came supplied with a System Recovery Disk. I went to the link that TF suggested "How to Dual Boot Vista and XP with Vista

Installed First". The situation that I had at the time was one with Vista on drive "C", but not booting, and XP Pro on drive "D"

(differenct physical drive) and booting normally. The instructions on the Raymond.cc blog page started with instructions to do things

with Vista running (point number 1. in his list), which was not possible for me, as it was not booting.

His point number 2 was to install XP, which had been done from original OEM discs.

His point number 3 was to use a Vista System Recovery Disc to fix Vista. So I decided to use the Toshiba original recovery CD to get

Vista to boot normally. This I did. It took quite a while to run, and did several re-boots along the way.

After this was completed, I could boot Vista normally. I went into Windows Explorer in Vista, and viewed the visible drives. Vista was

still showing on drive "C", and XP Pro was showing on drive "D", so at least the "recovery" operation for Vista had not deleted drive


I then re-booted the laptop and Vista booted normally. I then tried re-booting, but pressing F12 to select the other hard drive to boot

from. This caused the same errors as before, with the "ethernet search" messages.

Points number 5 and 6 related to downloading and installing EasyBCD. This I did. I got to point 6, the "Add entry" part. When I tried to

add the entry for XP Pro on my "D" drive, it gave me an error message which stated:-

NTLDR not found. NTDETECT not found. Go to web site http:/neosmart.net/wiki/pages/viewpageattachments.action?pageId=196612 etc...

I did this and downloaded the Zip file. I unzipped the files and loaded them to my "C" drive, as instructed, where the Vista installation

was. I then tried to run the EasyBCD "add" function. It allowed me to add the XP Pro installation to the bootlist, and save it.

I then tried re-booting the laptop. The bootloader choice screen came up and offered me the two choices of Vista and XP Pro. All good so

far. I chose Vista, just to make sure that nothing had changed. It booted normally. So far, so good.

I then re-booted and chose the XP Pro option at this choice screen. Now it gave me two error messages. The first one flashed on and off

very quickly, and could only be read using the "pause" key. It stated :-

Invalid BOOT.INI file. Booting from C:\Windows\

The next error message was :-

Windows could not start because the following file is missing:-
<Windows root>system32\ntoskrnl.exe

So, there seems to be some progress, but I still don't have a dual-boot system. All this was done before Craig suggested installing XP on

the same physical drive as Vista, under a different partition.

At this stage, what do you think would be the best way forward? Should I delete the XP installation on drive "D", and try re-installing

it on a new partition on drive "C". Would this solve any booting problems?

I am looking for the most "reliable and robust" solution to this dual boot problem, so that the maintenance overhead afterwards will be

minimal. I work offshore, on a survey ship. I want to take this laptop with me, but due to a painfully slow internet connection via

satellite from the boat (slower than dial-up!!), it will be difficult to download ANYTHING, so whatever downloading I need to do, I need

to get it finalised before I leave the country on 24 March.

Any suggestions for a way forward from here?

Cheers in advance,

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your situation is the same as what was described on the link. unfortunately your attempt somehow mixed things up. as for now make sure you have a good running system in Vista just as it was before. and if you are ok with doing it again, i suggest you do rather than having too many unknowns. just follow the instructions on the link i gave you.

but if you like, you can also put XP on the same partition as your Vista.
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Hello again,

I have read your (TriggerFinger) previous reply in more detail and gone through the procedure using only the details that were listed in the link that you provided, namely :-

1) Shrink the volume that Vista is on via the "computer management" function
2)Install XP Pro on the new "Unallocated" partition on the same physical drive
3)Use te "Repair your computer" option on the Vista repair CD that I downloaded fom the link you gave me (Not my Toshiba repair CD). NOTE, the downloaded CD is an .iso file that need to be decompressed first. I clicked on it and DVDDecrypter ran automatically to do this.
4)Did the "startup" repair.

This resulted in a useable "Dual-Boot" laptop.

Many thanks for fixing this. If anyone else is reading this, I would recommend reading the details of the links THOROUGHLY first, as missing a small detail messes it all up!

I have found that many of the drivers for XP are missing or hard to find, so my next hurdle is to find useable drivers for all of the yellow question manrks in the "Device Manager" in the control Panel, but I think that is another thread. I will find an apropriate place to post it...

Many thanks again for fixing this nightmare......


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hey... that's great news...

OK then.. enjoy your 'new' dual boot system.
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Hello guys, i'm new to the forum.

Rob K i have a toshiba x200 too and i try to instal xp on it for the usual reasons. Because i have the same problem with you (when i try to instal xp it cannot detect any hard drives) i want to do it via nLite. The only q i have is where you say "I found suitable SATA drivers on the Toshiba web site and downloaded them". hmm... can you enlight me cause i cannot find the suitable sata driver.

Thank you :)
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Hi, All,

This thread was started to solve a dual-boot XP/Vista situation on my new Toshiba laptop. Although the dual-booting is sorted, I now have a laptop that defaults to booting into Vista. It gives me 30 seconds to choose the XP option by using the "down arrow" key and "enter", but if the laptop re-boots whilst I am away from the keyboard, it auto-boots into Vista.

For the most part, I never use the Vista OS, but need it "just in case". Does anyone know how to reset the boot sequence so that it "defaults" to booting into XP, and not Vista?

I have been browsing the web using Google for solutions, but there seems to be a lot of confusion about how to tackle this. One significant stumbling block seems to be if Vista was pre-installed,and XP was installed afterwards on a partition on th same drive (As mine is - see the above thread postings from last year...)

Any ideas on this one?


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Try the steps here (editing with bcdedit):

Making XP as default... scroll down to almost end of page linked above.
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