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[SOLVED] Compaq Presario CQ50 Series Heat Solved

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] Compaq Presario CQ50 Series Heat Solved within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Compaq Preasrio CQ50 Series Heat Issue Solved If your the proud owner Of the Presario and it happens to be

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Compaq Preasrio CQ50 Series Heat Issue Solved

If your the proud owner Of the Presario and it happens to be the CQ50 Series and it happens to get hot, Crash Or BSOD then you may wish to read this post.

Due to HP and thier lack of faith in their products for consumers they chose to use only 1 Heatsink and Heat Pipe assembly in this model series and forego the cost of installing a secondary HS and Pipe for the GPU, The GPU has a Heatsink But nothing to cool or dissapate the heat off of it thus giving users a hot lap or Hot left hand.

This Model laptop certainly gets hot due to the CPU Cooler is undersized and lack of cooling or forced heat removal causes this Model to get extremely hot on the left side upper near the LCD the entire left side of the laptop begins to heat up all the way down to the left side palm rest.

Reason this is happening?
The hard drive and GPU sit on the left side the CPU sits on the right however the heat pipes run to the left side too with all the max heat on this side the model has known saftey issues such as one side will burn you while the other wont the battery can and does heat up enough to begin to leak fluids out and they cause chemical burns the hard drive sits just under the GPU and upon a closer inspection the label will show signs of heat discoloration or the palmrest may get so hot it will pit melt and leave the palmrest ruined.
Hp installed a low cfm cooler in the CPU because it was cheaper and saved them money they obviously dont have reason to save unless they are overpaying a tech or exec.

I am sure your all wondering how i know all this with absolute certainty??

I Own a Presario CQ50-215NR My CPU temp Peaks at 171* And the gpu sits at 147* I have had HDD crashes from excessive heat have had to replace the memory modules 4 times due to heat over exposure and have had to resort to complaining to the BBB in California In Order to get HP's Attention of this issue so they would pull it in for an evaluation with their absoulute assurances I may get it back dead and my assurances that i have no problems Suing the Living Hell Out of HP for faulty Equipment and Destroying my Laptop.

You wanted to Know why your CQ overheats and BSOD's Now you Know and you also know what to do to make HP fix this issue Good Luck Folks
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