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HP Pavillion dv9000 won't recognize battery

This is a discussion on HP Pavillion dv9000 won't recognize battery within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Just back from a questionable motherboard replacement, my Pavillion will not recognize the battery. The battery did not go along

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Old 04-30-2010, 05:30 PM   #1
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Just back from a questionable motherboard replacement, my Pavillion will not recognize the battery. The battery did not go along for the motherboard replacement, and when the computer returned, the battery was put back in, ac adapter plugged in and we were up and running. However, the battery would not charge. For days it sat at "0%, plugged in, not charging" until I found instructions to get it back to "0%, plugged in, charging." But it never went above 0%. today I put my battery into a friend's Pavillion and it worked find (computer ran on battery only) and the battery was 40% charged. I put her working battery into my computer and got the same message: "0%, plugged in, charging". I just ran the Battery Check and it says "Primary Battery Not Detected." How do I get my computer to use the battery that it seems to know is plugged in???

My Pavillion is on its 3rd motherboard (wont even go there) and now that it has returned from it's "repair", it will not completely shut down. Running Vista 6.0 with service pack 1. When I attempt to shut down (Window Button, shut down option) it runs through it's thing, says "Shutting Down" and goes dark but the blue lights along the top of the keyboard dont turn off - ever. So I resort to the hard shutdown with the power button. The lightning bolt light continues to blink, forever as far as I can tell. When I turn it back on I get the black screen with the "windows was not shut down properly" message. I know this will eventually come to a bad ending and I'm not going for a 4th motherboard. How do I get it to fully shut down?
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Did ever get this problem solved? Have exactly same problem
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Hi Mustanglarsen and welcome to TSF

Try this -

01. Turn off laptop.

02. Unplug AC power.

03. Remove battery.

04. Replace AC power.

05. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.

06. Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down.

07. Unplug AC power.

08. Replace battery.

09. Replace AC power.

10. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.
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My best guess is to do a Bios upgrade. Your laptop must identify the battery based upon recognizing existing voltage - and upon receiving digital confirmation from the circuitry on the battery....

Important notes about batteries:

Your ________laptop (any brand - any manufacturer) will have multiple batteries available. Some will have 2 - 3 - 4 -6 (or some other number) of CELLS inside that battery. More cells normally means longer battery life (more mAh)

Your laptop may have been designed to only be able to read a _____ cell battery with _____ mAh -- so if you put a different size battery your laptop will not see it - (bios upgrade may fix it)
Some batteries are more advanced than others.

Some battery manufacturers do not make exact OEM matches - so when buying an aftermarket battery - you may find that the new battery does not have identical internal circuitry - so when your laptop goes looking for the 'OEM' info - the aftermarket battery does not return the appropriate info...

If the battery worked with your other motherboard - and not with this one - only a couple things could have happened...

1: your old motherboard could have damaged the battery - and now your battery is junk.

2: your new motherboard could have a different bios that can't read the battery

3: your new motherboard could be faulty

4: the person who repaired your laptop could have messed up the repair and left something disconnected.
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Night Shift - I tried that with mine and it did not work. I did take out my battery and plug it into someone else's hp pavillion and it worked just fine.

Blombardo - as mentioned above, at least I know my battery is ok. The "repair" folks were quacks and there are many other problems that I gained from their repair. I'm going to hope that a bios update helps. Will report back.
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The "repair" folks were quacks and there are many other problems that I gained from their repair
=That says a lot; you may have something important DISCONNECTED or BROKEN by them inside...

imagine the power flow...

1: Ac adaptor
2: DC power jack
3: power jack connection to the motherboard
4: numerous capacitors, resistors and other odd things that take the power to your battery connection.
5: from the battery connection there would be more various parts taking the electricity to the laptop to make everything work.

Various thoughts:

If you have verified that the ac adapter and battery are good - then consider that your DC power jack has a broken connector inside (laptop will still power up - but battery will not charge)

I can't suggest anything else without more info.
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I know what your problem is here...
I did have the same problem myself with hp dv9000 after replace the motherboard, and I have now fixed it myself! :)
All you need is:
1, positive screw driver
2, electrical tape
3, some time to pare

What the problem is the power connection to the motherboard, with a dv9000/9500 so on, is the power plug socket is up side down when installed. This mean the plug (the male part) can fall down if the connection is not nice and tight there. So what you need to do is to take you laptop a part down to the motherboard power connection part. Then push the connection firmly together and then use the electrical tape to rap around this connection point so the plug can not drop down or become loose! JOB DONE... now put it back together and now the battery will be recognize and will charge OK.

Any more questions just ask! HP PRO on call here
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