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Computer is completely dead, help?

This is a discussion on Computer is completely dead, help? within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi there, now, bare with me, I follow instruction pretty well, but I'm not the most technical computer savvy person,

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Hi there, now, bare with me, I follow instruction pretty well, but I'm not the most technical computer savvy person, but I'm also not a complete idiot either. I'll try to explain to the best of my ability!

My computer is about tops 1 1/2 years old, HP Entertainment series laptop, 17.3 inch screen. We always run it without the battery inside, and just plugged into the wall. Never use the battery. Maybe a couple hours of life on it. I'm very good with my computer, never leave it running for extended amounts of time, usually just have it sitting still while using it, and only really browse the internet and watch movies.

It was unplugged incorrectly, the ac cord came out, but I mean that happens to the best of us once and awhile, I though nothing of it, plugged it back in and NOTHING not a sound, not a light, completely blank with exception of the small white light on the side where the ac cord plugs in.

So, I looked online, and read about that static thing, turning the computer upside down for x amount of minutes / seconds, no luck. So, even with my void warranty I crossed my fingers and headed to best buy where it had been purchased, and all the guy did was take off the backing and check the connectivity of the power button, which he deemed fine, and sent me on a way telling me I should just buy a new one.

So, I had assumed it was the mother board, and that's pretty pricey, so it's been sitting in my laptop bag for almost a month now, as I try and set aside the money to fix it/get a new one.

Today, I was conversing with someone about my problem, and dug the computer out of hiding and plugged it, nothing, I don't really know what else I was expecting to happen, just blank screen no noises. Than I tried plugging it in with the battery for the first time (I had never assumed to do this, because the last time I charged the battery was months ago and I never use the thing in the first place) , and it turned on! The windows loaded up, and it went to that screen with that black screen saying :
Windows was turned off wrong blah blah
Start windows normally. etc etc

So I hit enter and was jumping for joy, and it went dead. Very short lived happiness but I'm really hoping that means it's not the mother board like I suspected? But I have no idea, like I said, not computer savvy.

Any help I'll love you forever!!!!! :(
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Okay, update!

I've left it plugged in for a couple hours, with the battery in, and now, instead of doing nothing, every time I press the power button all of the lights, power, and the touch remote thingy for videos and music turn on, and turn off when i stop holding power, or after a couple seconds.. no sound, nothing on the monitor.. wah~!
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Please please help me D; haha
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My System

What is the model of the laptop?

Do you have another AC Adapter you can use for testing?

When attempting to power on the laptop do the CAPS/SCROLL LOCK LED's flash?
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The minute i saw the length of your post i said "now way i'm going to read that much" but there was something funny about your writing so...

Anyhow, try to replace the ac-adapter and see what happens.. i don't believe there's a problem with your mother board...

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