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Compaq Presario Keyboard "missing" keys

This is a discussion on Compaq Presario Keyboard "missing" keys within the Laptop Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Compaq Presario 700US Keyboard "missing" keys (PN: 254114-001) Hi, Short version: Some keys (Lower case), same and other keys (upper

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Compaq Presario 700US Keyboard "missing" keys (PN: 254114-001)


Short version: Some keys (Lower case), same and other keys (upper case) no longer work.

My question is this: When the notebook keyboad fails, will replacing the key board generally solve the problem?

Or is the problem possibly tied to ASCII decoder chip function (internal to motherboard)?

Long Version:
Historically, last year I spilled about 4 ounces of Red Wine into the "pass through" keyboard (passes through keyboard to internals). I managed to rinse out most of it after getting pointers to the IPB for the Presario. The only residual problem was a hesitant "space" bar key.

Recently, while entertaining a young grandchild, I managed to spill about 1/2 ounce of coffee (cream and sugar) into the keyboard. I whipped that baby apart, rinsed out the keyboard with distilled water. However, after everything dried out, I noticed new failures of keys, but in a pattern (or sorts).

The B and N keys (Uc & Lc) both fail. Also the "return" (cr) key. Also 3rd from left of the B "shift" C and 3rd from right of N, "Shift" <. Also the 2,3,4, and 5 key. Left Shift key is also non-functional. Most of the other keys work just fine.

The logic of this "pattern" may be simply mechanical or some hierarcy of 2 as defined in the ascii tables (or don't they use that conversion anymore?).

I noticed the keyboard cable connector only has tinned pins of the "etched" cable (not wires but flex circuit construction) and is held in place with a "sliding locking" connector.

I was unable, using the IPB that I have, to remove the "heat" or "RF" shield from under the keyboard, to investigate the possibility of the coffee having found itself a home in any of the chips on the MB.

Logic tells me only the Keyboard should be at fault. Life experiences with computers tells me "maybe" it's just the keyboard. At the time of the coffee spill, I immediately powered down, removed the charging cord and the battery.



The Laptop is about 5 years old Intel <whatever>, 850 MHz on AC, 400 mhz on Battery power, 20 G by HDD, RO CD / DVD I found that one companys ia asking $59.00 for a new Keyboard versus $300 for an equivalent new laptop.

My first desire is to repair , economically.


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I would check on ebay for a replacement keyboard.
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I found a replacement keboard on ebay for small money, and it did the trick.

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