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Virus messed up graphics card?

This is a discussion on Virus messed up graphics card? within the Resolved HJT Threads forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi there! I recently realized I got a virus on my computer. I ran NOD32 and sure enough a few

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Hi there!

I recently realized I got a virus on my computer. I ran NOD32 and sure enough a few things came up.. mainly one that said "setup.exe contains several infiltrations" however NOD32 would not delete this file.

Zone Smart Security also poped up saying "Access has been denied to Loop.exe" Did a bit of searching on this and not much came up about it.

Ok heres where it gets annoying.. literally just before I realized I had a virus, I was in the middle of opening the underneath of my laptop to clean the dust from my fan (Because I though my USB ports were malfunctioning because of over heating, turned out it was the cable on my USB mouse that was the problem).

So anyways I cleaned the fan but it was making noise when I closed it back up, so I decided for a while that I would leave the cover of the underneath of the laptop off while i worked. I ran counter strike because I was interested in seeing what fps I got with cleaning my fan, sure enough they were a good bit better (so at this point my graphics are pefect)

Ok cue virus.. Now it was late and I was frustrated so I ran NOD32 and went to bed (underneath of laptop still open, graphics working perfectly while NOD32 was running, no artifacts.) So I go to bed anyways. I wake up later cus the fan is making so much noise cus the cover was off.. I get up and to tired to open and shut down the laptop properly.. I just hold down the power button to shut it off.

The next morning I get up and I have artifacts at bios.. I could not load into windows xp either.. I was getting a BSOD with Header_pool_error.

I could get in via safe mode, and I then deleted my geforce 7600go drivers, windows now loaded in normal mode.

The artifacts in windows look exactly like the first one on this site http://www.playtool.com/pages/artifacts/artifacts.html

Now because the virus popped up at the same time as this video error and because I powered down the laptop with out going to shut down, I dont know what was the cause of the problem.

I'm hoping that its something likes this. That the Virus got into my video memory or bios and is messing with my graphics card????

Or is this a video card on its way out??

Oh yea and even running on windows default VGA driver I can watch downloaded .avi files.. the run fine.. but those lines are just in front of the video :/

Many Many thanks.
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