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Winlogon.exe unable to locate component- help please?

This is a discussion on Winlogon.exe unable to locate component- help please? within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi Folks, I have a Dell laptop, service pack 3. It is about five years old but it has been

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Hi Folks, I have a Dell laptop, service pack 3. It is about five years old but it has been running smoothly, never had a virus or any other problem with it. I just use email and some surfing, itunes and photos, very light use. A few days ago when I tried to shut down I got a message that said something about unable to locate component "msoxlgbdru.dll and it would not shut down. I was falling alseep, so I just pushed the button to turn it off, which I have never done before. The next day when I tried to turn it on a screen came up that said "We are sorry for the inconvenience, windows did not start successfully" and then it said to start in safe mode and restore to last known good configuration. I selected safe mode, and a screen came up with a box that says "This application has failed to start because msoxlgbdru.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. It says winlogon.exe at the top. Then it just sits there and never starts in safe mode.

What can I do?

Also, I know how to do regular maintenance, disc defragmentation and virus and spyware scans, but I don't understand all of the scary lingo so if you have any advice, please talk to me like I am five LOL.

I *really* appreciate any advice! Thanks!
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I should add that I also just tried starting in safe mode using the F8 key, and when I choose "Last Good Configuration" I get the message about the msox thing again and it says reinstalling it may fix the problem.
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If you uninstalled a program recently, that .dll file might be missing from it. You can reinstall the application and uninstall it again. Or you can do a System Restore to an earlier time before this happened. If that is not possible, then it requires surgery. Reboot into Safe Mode. Go to Start/Run and type regedit and hit enter. In the Registry Editor, go to the tool bar to Edit/Find and in the Find What box type in the missing .dll file. Then click Find Next It will search the registry and stop on a file. Hit the Delete key on the keyboard, hit Enter to acknowledge the deletion, and hit the F3 key to continue searching. Continue to do the last 3 steps until you get the message Finished Searching the Registry. Reboot normally.
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Hi Spike, I haven't uninstalled anything for a long time so it couldn't be that. I tried starting it in safe mode already but it just has that message about the application failing to start and that is all. It gives me no options after I click on safe mode or last known good configuration.
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A Google search for "msoxlgbdru.dll" returns NO results (other than yours).

This indicates a high probability of MALWARE!

The mention of "winlogon.exe" on the error screen seems to indicate that this may be where the problem lies.

Are you sure you have seen no evidence of malware affecting your machine lately?
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