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Missing all user icons at logon screen!

This is a discussion on Missing all user icons at logon screen! within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello I have a problem - there are no user icons on my "interactive logon screen" - only the "Turn

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I have a problem - there are no user icons on my "interactive logon screen" - only the "Turn off Pete's Laptop" button down at the bottom left. I normally use the XP-click-on-your-username-next-to-the-sunflower-or-snowboarder logon screen. Pressing ctrl-alt-del does not bring up a logon dialogue box - at my logon screen I usually just click on one of my user profiles. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary on my computer before shutting down last night, and I have antivirus / malware software running always and nothing showed up prior to logging off - in fact nothing has shown up for ages.

Now I can't get into my computer at all, even using different safe modes - there are just no users shown. I've searched for "fixes" on MS-KB but can't find anything that resembles this problem. Sorry to be really thick but can someone help me please?

My OS is XP SP2; I have 2 user accounts that usually show up - one is "Pete" (my usual one, a limited account) and the other is "System Protection" (admin account that I only use to install programmes and make system changes) - I was using Pete last night. Guest and admin accounts do not usually show up as options to click on - never enabled them. My laptop came with a recovery section loaded onto a hidden (and hopefully protected) partition on the HD - unfortunately I don't know how to access this if I can't get into the comp. When I first loaded Windows I remember being prompted to make a Vaio recovery disk (actually there were 8 and it took a while) - but I'm also unsure how to make them work!

Thanks in advance for people's input if there is any.

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The recovery partition is usually booted if you press one of the F keys during startup and to make the recovery disks work you have to start the computer up with the first one you made in the Cd drive. (So that it will boot from the CD)

Also I don't know why you would have 2 Accounts unless you have a 5 year old that gets on the computer too. I would just have one account that is admin but thats just me.
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Being unable to get into safe mode is almost always hardware.

Boot to Recovery Console using the XP CD, and from the C:\ prompt run the following:

chkdsk /r

Try to boot to either normal or Safe Mode and report/post back results.

Also, running directly from the Administrator account is strongly discouraged because it exposes the most critical account to whatever malware you might pick up, as well as provide that malware the opportunity to run from an account with Admin privileges.
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Heyup mouseboyx - tried pressing each of the function keys on startup and the only screen that loaded was the Boot to Safe Mode +/- networking / directory services etc. So I think will have to wait until I can get hold of my recovery discs until I can try and use the Vaio recovery utility. Thanks for the tip though.

Thanks for the reply Girderman - I will try what you have suggested when I get hold of the recovery discs (they are on the other side of the UK at the minute, so not very far at all). Just to clarify, I don't think I run direct from the Administrator account: I use 2 accounts as mentioned, the limited one for everyday use to protect the system from changes from malware etc. Also whether I'm loading Safe Mode, or Normal Mode the same thing happens: I am still required to click on a user to login as that user - usually there are 2 shown for "normal" logons (Pete and System Protection), but usually in safe mode there are 3 user names to click on (the above-mentioned 2 plus "administrator") - now there are no icons or logon boxes or user names where there used to be, just the logon screen with windows blue and logo in the background. It's almost as if the computer has been setup without any user accounts at all (including admin accounts) to logon to.

Anyway - will post again on what happens when the Vaio recovery programme starts

TQ, Pete
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