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Disable XP TaskBar Flashing help please

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hello, i was wondering if there was a way to disable the WinXP taskbar from flashing, i understand it's a feature to show you which program is trying to get your attention, but i find this irritating and slightly annoying. i have searched the interwebs but have not come across anything, only thing i could find was this: from another forum / help site:

When a program attempts to gain your attention due to changes, it causes the program's miniature bar on the task bar to flask orange (on the blue theme.) I'd like to know if there is any way to disable the flashing effect, and just have the bar turn orange - I know the system is capable of doing this, because after a while the flashing stops and it becomes a fairly solid orange highlight.

From what I understand this is a Windows feature and I've never found a way to disable the flashing effect in any program I've used or a search on Google thus far.

So to reiterate: I'd like to know if there is any way in the Windows registry or via a program to disable the flashing effect that occurs on the task bar when a program wants to gain your attention, but leave in tact that orange highlight.

Hi Bruce,
Thank you for your question. You should be able to disable this by using Windows built in Registry Editor. If you find this dificult to do then please do not hesitate to ask me for more help.

1.You can open the registry Editor by going to Start, clicking on RUN and typing REGEDIT .
2. Then follow the intructions bellow:
When a window is opened it will either appear over an existing window or it will appear minimised on the toolbar and flash when itís available to use. This Registry alteration will enable you to control this behaviour. Itís ideal for dealing with pop-up windows, and will enable you to keep them on the Taskbar rather than having them obscure whatever youíre looking at. There are two settings to adjust depending on which way you want new windows to appear. The first controls the way in which a new window appears. Go along to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop and create a DWORD value called ForegroundLockTimeout, or modify the existing one. The value that you give it will determine the amount of time the new window appears over the old one. Enter a value of 0 and the new window will go over the top immediately. Enter the default value of 200000 (0x00030d40 hex) and the new window will appear on top for 200,000 milliseconds and then minimise to the Taskbar where it will flash. This flashing is controlled by the next tweak which will set the number of flashes. Create or modify the DWORD value ForegroundFlashCount and set a value for the number of flashes you require. 0 will make it flash infinitely or you can go for the default value of 3. Select 1 flash and it will appear and just turn orange immidiately.

I hope this helps,
Sascha Lopez
and i try to have the taskbar autohide, but when an application flashes the taskbar the blasted thing pops up any ways. is there any way to disable the flash or just set the number of flashes to 0? i have tried TweakUI but that can set to a minimum of 1 or 3 i think and no way to disable i'm pretty sure.
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That would be nice....but I don't think it's possible. maybe someone will know for sure.
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well in doing some further research i have seen a post about using X-Setup, by Xteq but i have tried and i don't think it works either.

as far as i know X-Setup is pay to use now, there are some demo versions but it's shareware, to purchase it's liek 20 bucks but there is still a free version out there, version 6.6

anyone know any other tricks? as far as i know there are only registry tweaks to determine the # of flashes. >.<
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