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Can't Get Past Blue Screen

This is a discussion on Can't Get Past Blue Screen within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi! My mom was concerned about some error messages she was getting about low virtual memory while surfing the web

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My mom was concerned about some error messages she was getting about low virtual memory while surfing the web on her laptop (Dell Inspiron 1000), so she wanted me to take a look. I ran the free Microsoft Live One Care Safety Scanner. It didn't come up with any viruses or anything, just a bit of temporary files to delete. A while after the scan, the screen went blue saying "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." I tried restarting, and that message now appears before I can even get into Windows. I tried restarting in Safe Mode, using the last known working configuration, etc but nothing has worked. Under technical information, it says:

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0x81EAA562, 0xFA3CA7E4, 0xFA3CA4E0)

I was hoping I could get some advice? Thanks!
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Hi and welcome to TSF please go to C:\Windows\Minidump
and copy the info to a folder name it minidmp, next right click on the folder and choose send to zip option, next use the go advanced button on your thread page, then the paperclip icon to attach the folder and upload the info someone here will then be able to run a debug and try to pinpoint the issue

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Given that you stated that you were experiencing low virtual memory errors as well getting a STOP code of 0x7E with Arg1 being c0000005 (which means memory access violation), part of me initially believes this to be an issue with hard drive space and/or that your pagefile is corrupt, too small or just doesn't exist. Either way you will need to figure out how to gain access to your PC again, and unless you have another OS on it as well, your best bet is to create a recovery cd that has a small OS on it to give you access so you can continue to do other things to resolve the issue.

Do you have a windows xp cd nearby? If you do, you can use that and run repair installation as followed here. The repair installation will not remove any personal files, programs or alter your Windows OS, all it will do is attempt to sift through windows files and repair any that aren't looking too good. It will appear just like you were installing Windows over again but it's just going through the various motions and again won't change anything that doesn't need to be changed.

If you need another recovery option as you don't have a win xp cd available or the repair installation proves to be unsuccessful in repairing windows, you may use UBCD. It will provide a very large amount of tools available for troubleshooting and fixing your situation, plus in a very familiar WinXP-related interface.
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Thanks for the responses! How do I get to C:\Windows\Minidump? When I try starting the computer, I get a black screen with the Dell Logo giving an option to press F2 to enter setup or F12 to enter boot menu, then it quickly changes to a black screen telling me to choose an operating system from the following list:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows Recovery Console

When I try the recovery console, I get a black screen that says "Starting Windows Recovery console" and then it freezes.

When I try XP Home Edition, I get a black screen saying Windows did not start successfully and offering the following choices:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Last Known Good Configuration
Start Windows Normally

No matter which one I choose, it ends up going to the blue screen I described in my first post before I can do anything. If I choose one of the safe mode options, it goes to a black screen listing a bunch of system32 files before the blue screen. If I choose last known good configuration or start windows normally, the black screen with the Windows logo appears (like normal), then it goes to the blue screen. I really haven't been able to do anything with it, so I've made these posts using another computer.

My mom gave me all the CDs that came with the computer, and none of them are a Windows XP CD. I think it came with Windows already on it. There are two CDs that seem like maybe they would do something. One says "Drivers and utilities already installed on your computer: for reinstalling Dell Inspiron System Software" and lists the contents as "device drivers and diagnostics and utilities". The other one says "Application already installed on your computer: for reinstalling Dell Tools System Software" and lists the contents as "antivirus software, support software, multimedia software, and internet software." Will either of these CDs be helpful, or should I just use UBCD? Is there any way/time to put the CD into the broken computer so it will actually work? Can I still make a UBCD CD without an XP CD?

Sorry if this is too many questions or confusing, but hopefully it will work! Thanks!
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Try the Dell Diagnostics
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You may also want to try and make that UBCD. Once you create and run it on your PC, first thing you should do is run a file explorer from it that's convenient for you. Find the file pagefile.sys (typically it's in the main directory where Windows is installed, so if you have Windows installed on C: drive it should be in directory C:\ ). Delete it. You may also want to run some hard drive tests with some of the programs UBCD has available too while you're at it. Also check your actual hard drive space to see if it's getting too full and start cleanin up a bit for it. Restart your PC and see if that resolves anything, and also send any bad results from the hard drive testing our way if you decided to do that as well.

If you can get network connection while on UBCD, you should also try and access that minidump folder and send minidumps our way.
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OS: winXP, service pack 2

I ran the Dell Diagnostics, but it just went through all the tests and then finished. Is there supposed to be a report or anything, or would that only be if it found something?

I tried the UBCD, but I can't get it to run on the broken computer. It still just goes to the blue screen, even if I press F12 to go to the boot menu and boot the cd drive. The instructions say you need an XP CD, and I don't have that as it was preloaded on the computer. Is this a problem?

I looked at the BSOD posting instructions, but those are for Windows Vista or 7. The computer in question is running XP. Is there a difference in the instructions?

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