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05-13-2011 until 05-13-2099
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System Repair Media Creation

If you recently purchased a new computer, it is strongly recommended that you create your own set of recovery media.

All new systems purchased should come pre-installed with Windows 7 or 8.

Be sure to review recovery options -- you may need it someday!

Create a System Repair Disc - Windows 7
System recovery and recovery disk options - Windows 8

Utilizing Recovery Partitions

If you're computer is already unresponsive and does not boot correctly into Windows - it's not too late.

Some computers may have a built in recovery partition, which as long as it's still intact, it will revert your PC back to factory settings. Keep in mind, this will erase all personal information.

Some of the manufacturer's instructions on how to utilize this recovery partition (if possible) can be found at the following link.

Recovery Instructions Utilizing Recovery Partitions

Purchasing Replacement Media

If all else fails, most OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) either provide recovery discs with the system when it was purchased or they can be bought separately at a later date.

The following links are several different companies that sell recovery discs for a small fee. Average cost is between $20 - $30.

Please find the manufacturer of your system and click the appropriate link.

OEM - Replacement Media
If your copy of Windows was not already pre-installed and is a full retail version, replacement media is available straight from Microsoft.

Microsoft Software Replacement Media
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