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Tech Support Forum is a non-profit site that offers computer support for members for free. The site is financed solely out of pocket by the site owner, donations and advertising. The site caters to people of all ages. That is why we strive to keep Tech Support Forum a family orientated site. We have also grown into other support areas, such as automotive. We have quickly become the spot to come to for support on many issues, and are still growing.

Our support is provided by our wonderful crew of volunteers who are willing to give their time and knowledge to help others. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, with knowledge on many subjects. They come here of their own free will, as they are not paid for their generous efforts. The owner of the site would like to say that everyone treats each other with respect.

Tech Support Forum was started in early 2001 as ezdrivers.com. In 2002 we changed to our current name TechSupportForum.com. For a little bit of fun, check out how we used to look in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Tech Support Forum is a privately owned company. We are not tied to any company or organization. It is felt that this way we can provide quality support for any product without being biased. The site may have people helping out who work for other companies though. We have had support people from Yahoo, Dell and other large companies helping out on the site. But it is important to remember that we are not part of any other company.

Tech Support Forum is made up from all types of people in all types of professions. They come here to share one goal. To provide quality and friendly support. Some may hold a degree or two or more in various technology fields, some just have worked in the business for years, and yet some may just be hobbyists. They all come for the community though.

Besides offering support we offer friendly chat, whither it is tech related, gaming, or other non-computer chat. A lot of users have made great friends and valued relationships here. Some users have even gathered to join forces with their computer in the fight against things like cancer. Most of all though, we all like to have fun while providing support.

Every year our site grows, both in terms of number of members, and in its offering. In 2007 we reached one million posts. We started offering articles to help expand peoples knowledge the same year, along with a database of drivers and other software that you can download. We are always looking for new ideas and new areas to branch into to help out our members.

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