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Apple v. Samsung comes to an end

By on August 24, 2012

In April of last year, Apple filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung. Apple had claimed that Samsung has breached patented copyright infringements on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple … read more →

Verizon goes back to Unlimited

By on August 15, 2012

As many of you may know from the TV commercials, Verizon has released a new mobile data plan, The Share Everything Plan. With many families moving all of their phones to smartphones, … read more → logo

I’ll take my email to go, please.

By on August 2, 2012

Many Windows users often buy Microsoft Office for their computer needs. Included in Office Professional versions is Outlook. It is a powerful Personal Information Manager (PIM) and superb emailing software. Outlook is … read more →

Google announces “Google Glasses”

By on July 19, 2012

A few months ago Google announced a new application for the mobile branch, Google Goggles. The application allows you snap a picture using your smartphone of, landmarks, books, text, contact info, artwork, … read more →

Which device is Windows 8 really for?

By on July 17, 2012

When buying a new PC or a tablet there is one major thing to take into consideration; the operation system (OS). It’s what makes the device act and feel like it should. … read more →

How to maintain a Safe, Healthy, and Fast Web Browser

By on

The World Wide Web can be a dangerous place, even though there are so many fun things to do online. Even “safe” websites like Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite news website can … read more →

Malware gone Mobile

By on July 13, 2012

Recently Apple and Google have removed a malicious app from their stores. The new malware app is called “Find and Call” and was flagged by Kaspersky to be a type of malware. … read more →

Windows 7 Tips and Tools

By on June 24, 2012

Below is a step-by-step guide to different tips or tools that can be useful to know for your Windows 7 PC. Some may be new you to and others may be old … read more →

Intel’s Latest i-watering Offer

By on May 14, 2012

Back in 2010 Intel first released its new Nehalem Microarchitecture processors, also known as Core i3, i5 and i7. The raw power that each core had was like nothing ever seen before. … read more →

How to Perform a System Restore To Factory Settings

By on April 1, 2012

This tutorial will guide you on how to do a system restore on your Windows computer. Below make sure you read and follow only the tutorial that matches your computer. If an … read more →

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