A quick way to find out when Windows was last installed

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Over time, particularly if you have a low specification setup, your Windows installation may degrade, become sluggish or even unusable, although hopefully you will make the decision to reinstall before it gets that bad.

It may be interesting or even useful to be able to see when the operating system was installed. If you are a constantly heavy user/surfer, it could give you a rough idea how long it may be before you have to reinstall again.

For the purpose of this article, I’m using Windows 7 but it will work on other, earlier operating systems.

Click Start and type cmd

Right click cmd in the programs list (it will be at the top) and select Run as Administrator

In the command prompt window, at the flashing cursor, type systeminfo | find /i “install date” You can copy and paste the command from here but Control + v won’t work in the cmd window, you have to right click in the window and paste.

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You will see some information being collected…………


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That’s all there is to it, hope you find this little tip helpful.

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  • Hi,

    Really a helpful post by you. I am suggesting you those who are using copied windows don’t instal update, otherwise you will your screen as a theft windows message


  • Toi


    I’m added this command (systeminfo | find /i “install date”) to cmd and don’t see any dates.After pushing Enter it loading Processor, hotfix and Card information and that’s all.Maybe i’m doing something wrong?

    • Deejay100six

      Hmmm, doesn’t seem to work for me now either. I’ll look into it.