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Authors, Bloggers and Editors needed!

How would you like to make a contribution to the publication of articles and blogs in this burgeoning section of TSF? Don’t worry if you are not a great writer. As long … read more →

December 25, 2014 at 4:26 pm by 2 Comments


When Old Meets New – An iClever FM Transmitter

We’ve all seen the car commercials that list off their standard features, such as navigation, built-in applications, and Bluetooth. These features can make those who own an older car feel left out. … read more →

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Type on the Go – An iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard Review

Before the emergence of computing, the go-to recording device was a mechanical typing machine that punched ink onto a page of paper, allowing somebody to type more quickly than they could write. … read more →

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RP-PB07 & RP-PB17

Two Battery Packs that Partner – A RAVPower RP-PB07 and RP-PB17 review

If you’ve been following my reviews from the past, you’ll know that I’m a fan of the portable battery manufacturer, RAVPower. Since first reviewing their products from nearly a year ago, each … read more →

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Exploring the Internet of Things

Just the other day, I was watching BBC news when they mentioned the “Internet of Things” in one of their news stories. It wasn’t explained in depth in the story and many … read more →

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BlackVue DR3500 -Main

The All Seeing Eye – A BlackVue DR3500-FHD Dash Camera Review

It’s a pleasant afternoon and there you wait behind a few other cars at the fast food drive up lane. You take a slight glance out your driver side window and ponder … read more →

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FinderIconYosemiteX2 Down on Important Night

With the recent announcement at Apple’s annual keynote, releasing new editions of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications, millions roared all over the world for the latest and greatest Apple technology. … read more →

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Fall into the sound of music – A Dual I-Venstar Bluetooth Speaker Review

With summer coming to an end and fall (autumn) approaching, our outdoor activities begin to dwindle, but that doesn’t mean the fun can’t continue. Music has brought people together for centuries and … read more →

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An Extreme Performer – A Kingston HyperX Savage Solid State Drive Review

Following the demise of the tape drive, floppy drive, then the CD, the traditional hard drive has been holding computer data since the beginning. With large internal circular disks that contain billions … read more →

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XClaim Xi-3

Incredible Wireless Capability – An XClaim Xi-3 Wireless Access Point

Restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, schools, hotels, malls, and many other public gathering locations all contain one important necessity in today’s world and that is access to the World Wide Web. Over the … read more →

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Advanced Gaming – A Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset Review

Did you know that in Warcraft III, sleeping creeps have a snoring effect when you walk up to them? Or perhaps that games like Battlefield and Call of Duty implement footstep noises … read more →

August 12, 2015 at 9:18 pm by 1 Comment

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